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A Twitch of Life...

Yes! I am aliiiiive! Rising from the dead, or a dead funk!

Got another part time job with more pay and benefits, which is awesome - I'm liking it tremendously. I'm now a Teen Digital Lab Specialist, which entails some teaching and overseeing the study areas, computer lab, gaming station and collections for the Teen sections of the library. Looking to arrange some class programs for writing and art, in particular. Digital painting, basic drawing, character and world design, portfolio help, plot development, etc.

Besides all that, I've got a Twitch now! I will be streaming art and gaming content - mostly art, but still - hopefully every Sunday night around 9pm EST. I've done two broadcasts already, one of which was not preserved, because I was silly and did not enable archiving - and the second of which was just choppy and hard to hear and cut out due to a huge lag.

SO. I've looked into it now and should be significantly more successful this coming Sunday. Also got a funny little mic setup:

Yes. Hilarious. Real rough, but hey - it works much, much better!

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