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Genevieve D. Franco is a writer, artist, and knowledge explorer. Otherwise, she loves to cook/bake, travel, garden, hike and camp, and rock climb. 

Her purpose is storytelling, particularly as a means to merge the sciences and humanities. She is continuously experimenting with forms both visual and written:


  • videogame production 

  • illustration

  • animation/video

  • educational program design/marketing

  • novel writing


(Polyfountain Media, LLC)

Position: (Virtual) Narrative Writer/Designer for the upcoming independent third-person shooter game, 

Legacy, and its stand-alone prequel: 

Futuretech Space Combat Academy.


The Rue Series

Novels: Sci-fi dystopia.

A young gun-bearer named Signeous Clot matures on an Earth that has survived a minor nuclear war and a subsequent Dark Age, only to discover that his genetic makeup is surprisingly adaptable to an increasingly hostile world. 


Computer Graphics Master Academy

  • Environment Sketching 

  • Digital Painting 

  • Storyboarding for Animation 

  • Fundamentals of Environment Design 

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