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SO - it has once again been a while since I've posted here on the blog. Mea culpa. Learning the new job, doing some (slow) spring, uh, I mean summer cleaning, figuring out endless computron troubles with laptops dying and attempting to sabotage three years' worth of writing on their way out of this world.....creating class programs for said new job, doing research for said class programs...along with the regular lovely internship work and a new CGMA class - Creature Design and Anatomy!

I'm not Wonder Woman. Le sigh. Even though I (along with most girls/women of the world) wish I was...trying to do it all, and more....and....not....being able to......whiiiiiiich is fiiiiine. I knoooow.

BUT, I get to play "God" in a sense - and have discovered a creative process that works for me really well....and have the fantastical creatures borne from it:

The first one is much more detailed than the rest, obviously. I went overboard with that one. Got cocky. Then got tired.

More in the works! Enjoying the class!

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