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I have been away for a bit again! Oh well; that will happen. Still enrolled in the CGMA online classes; specifically the Fundamentals of Environment Design course, for which I am still completely an embarrassing newbie.

Let's just say, I need to work on perspective...a lot.

But that's okay. There are students in the class who are amazing; it's always useful and fun to learn from them as well as the instructor himself (Kalen Chock). I'm getting better - learning some new techniques on how to approach composition and design, learning some new Photoshop tricks, etc.

Bit torn on other things in life - jobs and grad schools...the political forecast for the next few years does not look promising, which is why we need the sciences, arts and humanities more than ever - but of course, tremendous debt is never great to have, especially when you're still paying off undergrad...

But then again, as Suze Orman says - invest in yourself; you are the most valuable asset to your future.

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