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Environment Sketching - Week Four!

So this week was more of a 'clean-up.' Our assignment was to take one of our thumbnail sketches from the previous week, enlarge it and add more detail to it, altering the image as we like in the process. We also had to be thoughtful of line width and weight to further demonstrate depth. Not so sure I've done so well with that part, what with the line weight on the curved station structure; it's fairly heavy handed, Plan to alter it later on. What I've sort of imagined for this is, again, some kind of transportation hub or station as per the assigned theme. It's in a mountainous world with villages built into the cliffsides. I'm awaiting the instructor review of my submission, but for now some changes might consist of design for the station itself; I think it needs a different look for the open hangar area, and then perhaps some more interesting rock formations like arches or spots of uneven sedimentary erosion...

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