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Animal Chatter

“Companion!” Crowed a fox, 
A quiet frenzy in the night,
Frightened for a storm. “I want you!”

“Here,” hissed a lowly fungus, 
Heightened by its whorish seed:
“Buried in my leaves once again.”

“Where?” Wept a drop of blood, 
Its warbling a new sort of song,
Wet and cold: “I can lie with you!”

“Against the winter,” wheedled a roach,
Carefully hobbling back home,
Whistling fiercely: “I will protect you.” 

“And once you die,” squealed a stuck worm,
Caught — alone — in a spinner’s fine net, 
Slighted and bitingly vicious, it vowed:
“Your fresh, tender flesh is mine.” 

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