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Digital Painting - Week Five!

In Digital Painting, we're now working on a final painting; we had some other master copy painting studies and shade/lighting studies as well for weeks three and four, but this latest assignment was to add color to a line layout drawing.

There are many of these available online - indeed, for animations and illustrations and sometimes comics, there are artists who specifically work on line drawings to be colored/painted by another artist. Not always, but it is a common thing.

But for my assignment, I wanted to use one of my line drawings from a previous CGMA class - Environment Sketching. I had two pieces from that class I wanted to do more with, so I picked the science fiction sketch of the huge plated arc station.

With this painting stage, I have to push the color a little more, define the landmass reflections in the water and the arc's metallic plates, and research rocks and cliffs so that they will look more realistic.

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