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Environment Sketching - Week Three!

This week was primarily more of what we had done last week, although the goal this time was to work on story and arrange the composition to fit the story. We still utilized the reference breakdown process, complete with shape language and silhouette brainstorming. As to story, this is something everyone goes about in their different way. The goal is to clearly use narrative to drive the art process. We had to choose a setting and time period and go from there with our reference breakdowns. It doesn't look like much, but this took a surprisingly long time - at least for me, haha. I did procrastinate a bit this week, which brought me back a bit; I need to hash out some things in these sketches and pick a favorite to work with for the next assignment. But a helpful thing I learned in terms of telling a story in an image: to think in terms of 1-3 sentence stories. To create drama, add something unexpected in the image as well. It also helps if you yourself are invested in the story; that will manifest itself in your art.

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