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Environment Sketching - Week Seven/Eight!

Still waiting on the final project critique, but I wanted to upload what I had finished! This is only one of two final pieces; I'm still working on finishing the other, which was one of the earlier line drawings from previous weeks. This final "sketch" (because for me right now, it's not so much a sketch as a final piece, haha) is a landscape of a science-fiction-y dystopian world with futuristic medieval elements. It's interesting lore to think about for me while painting this, and I think I might continue exploring this particular world; perhaps write something for it at some point. Soon I'll upload more, but the class is over now! Waiting on the certificate. Learned a lot from it and my art skills have definitely improved, which is great to see! Now the thing to do is keep it up! To keep practicing. Like every new skill, right? The good thing is, I'll have TWO classes to start in about two weeks. For the fall semester, which starts in late October, I'm taking Digital Painting and Storyboarding for Animation! There'll be lots of sleep deprivation, but it'll be worth it.

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