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Environment Sketching - Week Five!

This week our assignment was to further adjust our drawing from the week before, and to distinguish the foreground, middle ground and backgrounds using block values. We also had to take another thumbnail sketch and go through the entire process again: to create a line drawing and then develop three additional value studies. The values are an experiment with local color AND the lighting of certain times of day. So I'm fairly happy with these! A little more fine-tuning is needed, perhaps, I still have to do some more test sketches of the arch station in the second image; it looks a little flat. Might make a maquette of it and work from that. The first is all right; the vegetation is a little weird - was thinking about a forest of a sort of fungus in which the residents live. I think I might actually make them more like mushrooms in the end. They look like huge vines or blades of grass right now.

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