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Digital Painting - Week One!

This first week was a values warm up! To take screencaps of visually stunning movies and capture them in basic shades. To just stay loose with it, but try to train your eye to see proportion and gradient. I can see already that there are so many flaws with my attempt, BUT if you ignore the actual screencap reference, you can tell what the painted scene is supposed to depict. Your eyes fill in the undefined shapes with familiar objects so that the picture makes sense. And apparently, I was too focused on detail in this exercise, so I am going to do others and see if I can push the value shapes a bit more, with less minutia in the scene - and fewer little white spots, which distract the eye. (They are little points of high contrast; that's why they're so noticeable and that's why your eye gets caught up in them whilst trying to navigate the image.)

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