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I feel faint; my chest aches with tangible sore,
And I cannot even speak but for the longing
Inside, that seems to shriek in fury before 
Settling slowly, softly down to deeper depths.
I feel so small, yet only time separates us - 
It is ludicrous, I know, to be so taken in,
But I simply cannot help myself. You have
Entranced me, precious creature that you are;
Do you, in return, ever ponder me thus?
Our walks and talks hold such joy for me
In this new place, absent of friends.
I watch, and listen, and learn more of you
Each and every afternoon we spend together
Amidst cooling winds and woods, the days
Always bright, even without a warming sun. 
You are the shining spot of my life;
Of this short duration we covet so shyly. 
Am I nearly the same for you? A pining
Such as mine is just risible, irrational;
Yet time with you always nourishes it 
To grow, enlarge, until this familiar,
Merciless feeling engulfs me entirely. 
I have waited before, and I will wait again - 
Just assure me that we could possibly -
Probably - doubtlessly - unite one day. 

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